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All about Parapsychologist Katherine Copeland

Parapsychologist Katherine Copeland

Parapsychologist Katherine CopelandKatherine became interested in the paranormal after hearing many ghost stories that her grandmother told her when she was very young. Although Katherine claims never to have had a supernatural experience herself these ghost stories stayed with her for many years. As she grew older she began to see how these stories affected those around her and after hearing of experiences from other people became interested in finding out whether the afterlife really existed and decided that the best way to find out whether the paranormal really was true was to separate belief from reality and see what was left.

Katherine studied for and gained her degree in Parapsychology in her native Canada. These studies allowed her have a more open-minded scepticism about the paranormal and allowed her to understand the psyche of people who found themselves in paranormal situations, teaching her how to decide if a situation could be considered paranormal or what could be nothing more that natural occurrences. Katherine now believes that a lot of what people perceive to be paranormal is nothing more than how they are being affected mentally in supposedly paranormal situations.

After finishing with her studies Katherine moved to London to further her knowledge base and soon after arriving began correspondence with a local ghost hunter, Arron Kasady, and, finding out about some of the work he was doing, offered her services. Together they began to build the Harlequin Heart ghost team and since joining Arron on his quest for proof of the afterlife she has become a vital member of the team since.

Katherine has been on many investigations with the team since its inception and, armed with top of the range equipment, is the first stop for questions from the team regarding the strange occurrences that are going on around them. Her views on psychology, how certain situations may affect a member of the team and her post-investigation studies make her an invaluable asset. Because of her personal opinions on how a persons mental state can be affected by situations and surroundings Katherine is often the calmest head on some of the more chaotic investigations the team has had the misfortune to endure.

Katherine hunting Ghosts at Crowley HallKatherine is also acts as the team’s main researcher. Along with Arron she picks the locations the team are going to investigate. Once chosen Katherine spends much of her time looking over the history of a location and specifically looks at the sort of occurrences people have reported and, if available, will often question witnesses about their experiences of the haunting. Armed with this knowledge she is able to go into each location with a hard foundation of knowledge that can be verified against the sort of information the team’s spiritualist medium comes up with.

She doesn’t believe in ghosts but doesn’t discount people’s experiences either. She is always interested in people’s stories and witness statements as the more she understands about the paranormal through other people’s experiences the more it will help her understand if the after-life is real or merely a figment of peoples imaginations.

Although Katherine is a parapsychologist and as such doesn’t believe in spirits it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get scared. There have been several situations on investigations where she has been left alone and like anyone else has become unsettled by her surroundings. Leaving her in a dark room on her own is something the team now do frequently.

Katherine has seen things she can’t explain but in her words that “doesn’t mean that an explanation isn’t there”. She is willing to be proved wrong about the existence of ghosts but hasn’t seen anything to make her doubt her own beliefs…yet.

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