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The Cast and Crew of the Ghost Movie
All about Film Director Daren Marc

Film Director Daren Marc

Film Director Daren MarcDaren Marc has always wanted to make films ever since picking up a camera and making his first film when he was 12. At University he wrote and co-directed the short gothic horror film ‘Oras De Vampir’ and also wrote and directed the short film ‘The Storm’, a suspense thriller.

When Arron approached him with the idea of shooting a ghost investigation, Daren was a little apprehensive at first, until he decided to turn the documentary approach around and create more of an entertainment movie feel to the whole investigation.

As well as directing the movie, Daren has also edited 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall', and has recently begun pre-production on the mini documentary ‘The Curse of Crowley Hall’. He is also a web designer, and is responsible for all the movies websites and promotional material.

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All about Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady

Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady

Ghost Hunter Arron KasadyArron Kasady is a screenwriter, producer, and in his spare time, a ghost hunter. He started writing comic books that were then created by friends, before later turning to writing full-length screenplays.

Arron has had an interest in the paranormal since an early age, when he had an experience that could only be described as paranormal. He decided to film a documentary of a paranormal investigation at Crowley Hall, and co-produced 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' with Daren.

As well as working on pre-production on the mini documentary ‘The Curse of Crowley Hall’, an insight into the investigation and curse that has dogged the production from the beginning, he has started writing a screenplay about an alien abduction.

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All about Singer/Songwriter LadyAxe

Singer/Songwriter LadyAxe

Singer/Songwriter LadyAxeLadyAxe made her first professional stage appearance at the age of 19, as part of the Inhouse Records stable, appearing with bands such as V.O.D. and Stryder in the smoky clubs and biker bars of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town in the early 90s.

She wrote and directed the short horror film ‘Ukoyika’, and became involved in ‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’ when Daren and Arron put out an open call to musicians requesting a music track to be used for the movie.

Since then, she has been actively promoting the movie wherever she can, and is the Crowley Team representative in Africa. She is also currently working on her new album ‘Fe-Metal’ due out in August 2008, as well as writing and directing the short horror film 'Eight'.

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All about Spiritual Medium Annabel Keogh

Spiritual Medium Annabel Keogh

Spiritual Medium Annabel KeoghEver since a car accident in which she suffered severe head trauma, Annabel claims she has been able to see spirits. She has visited many different locations and has experienced many different meetings with the spirit world and has been able to use her understanding to help those trapped in the afterlife to move on.

Annabel has been able to assist Arron's team in a way they could never have previously imagined. As well as bringing her own knowledge on spirits, she is also able to offer the team members protection and warn them of any challenges they face ahead.

The investigation at Crowley Hall pushed her to the limit however, as the forces there were much more powerful that she had previously encountered, and left her with an encounter she will never forget.

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All about Parapsychologist Katherine Copeland

Parapsychologist Katherine Copeland

Parapsychologist Katherine CopelandKatherine became interested in the paranormal after hearing many ghost stories that her grandmother told her when she was very young. Although Katherine claims never to have had a supernatural experience herself, these ghost stories stayed with her for many years.

As she grew older she began to see how these stories affected those around her, and after hearing about experiences from other people, became interested in finding out whether the afterlife really existed.

Katherine has seen things she can’t explain but in her words that “doesn’t mean that an explanation isn’t there”. She is willing to be proved wrong about the existence of ghosts, but hasn’t seen anything to make her doubt her own beliefs.

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