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Ghost Orbs
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These orb photos wete taken during a preliminary inverstigtion in early 2007.

Orbs were photographed in the old children's ward.

Temperature readings were also erratic in this part of the hall.

The final photo was found during the renovations of the hall.

Ghost Hunting Team
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Ghost Photograph

These photos were taken during the investigation of Crowley Hall on 26th May 2007.

Nightvision was used in many of the shots as much of the investigation was conducted under low light conditions.

The photos also include the séance that was conducted on the night.

Ghost Film Crew
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Ghost Photograph

Various photos of the film crew that were there to record the nights investigations for the documentary 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall'.

Ghost Orb Videos

Ghost Orbs

This video clip is a montage of various orb photos that were taken at the hall.

Ghost Orbs

This video clip was shot during the investigation on 26th May 2007

As Katherine leaves the shot, an orb can be seen following her.

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