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Investigation of the Ghosts
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Investigation of the Ghosts
Ghost Investigation

Investigation of the Ghosts

In late 2006, after a phone call from the owner of Crowley Hall, Arron Kasady researched the history and strange occurrences that have happened there. This has been extremely difficult as the records from the hall have been destroyed, and nothing much else has been recorded. There are no witnesses to the noises heard, and only a couple of people that were there during the ghost sightings have been tracked down. The only other evidence was a photograph, taken in 1974, discovered in the nurses quarters.

In early 2007, a small team of paranormal investigators led by Arron Kasady, entered the building to conduct some preliminary tests. Photographs were taken, that produced images of strange orbs in certain rooms, particularly the old children's nursery. Erratic temperature readings were recorded throughout the hall, and the team had the feeling of being constantly watched.

Following on from this initial research, Arron decided to conduct a full investigation into the ghosts that apparently reside at Crowley Hall. Not much is publicly know about the strange phenomena and ghostly sightings that have happened there, so it is a good opportunity to delve into the unknown and tell the story of the Ghosts of Crowley Hall.

A ghost team that includes a parapsychologist, spiritual medium and journalist, together with a film crew, are going to be spending a night at the hall. Throughout the night, various experiments designed to provoke paranormal activity will take place. The centrepiece of the night will be a séance, conducted by Arron himself.

It is hoped that conclusive evidence of paranormal activity and ghosts can be gathered during their stay there. The whole event is to be filmed and photographed for a documentary entitled 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall'.

Ghost Team
Ghost hunting team

The Ghost Hunting Team

The Ghosts of Crowley Hall team.

(Top) Daren Marc, Steven Newton, Arron Kasady, Katherine Copeland, Sheena McKella, Adrian Bowley, Jules Ross.

(Bottom) Jason Levy, Annabel Keogh, Fanos Bastion-Campbell, Janella Vasquez, Russell Hickman.

Ghost Hunting Team

Ghost Hunters

Arron Kasady - Presenter/Team Leader/Producer

Arron has had an interest in the paranormal from a very young age. A Finance Manager in his working life, he uses all his spare time and money to study and find out all he can about the paranormal.

In early 2004, he decided that he would start up his own ghost hunting team and begin proper investigations into the unknown. He began the search for other team members, first by asking friends and fellow enthusiasts if they were interested, and then by sending out adverts for 'specialists' to take part in investigations. By the end of 2004 the team were together and the investigations could begin.

In November 2006, Arron received a phone call from a property developer that had recently purchased an old hospital. He was told of the strange occurrences and the history of the building. Arron jumped at the chance of beginning an investigation at the site. After preliminary investigations, he decided that this would be the perfect location to film a documentary on the exploits of the team.

Ghost InvestigationRead more about Arron's Ghost Hunting Team at Harlequin Heart and visit his MySpace Page. There is also an article about one of his previous Investigations at Temple House.

Annabel Keogh - Spiritual Medium

Ever since a car accident in which she suffered severe head trauma, Annabel claims she has been able to see spirits. Her first experience happened while she was recovering in hospital, and spirits of the recently deceased came to her for help. Afraid of the experience, she sought help from doctors and psychologists. When they couldn't help her, she began seeking advice from others that seemed to share the same gift as her.

After years of practicing, Annabel was able to use her gift in ways she could never imagine. She was able to see, hear and talk to ghosts, helping them to find their way in times of distress. She also began offering her services to assist those that needed help with the paranormal.

She became part of the team when Arron came across her assisting a family at a location that he was investigation. So impressed by her ability, he offered her a permanent role in the team. She agreed and has been an important member of the team since.

Katherine Copeland - Parapsychologist

Katherine became interested in the paranormal after hearing many ghost stories that her grandmother told her when she was very young. These ghost stories stayed with Katherine for many years. As she grew older she became interested in finding out whether the afterlife really existed. She decided that the best way to find out whether the paranormal really existed was to separate belief from reality and see what came out of it.

Katherine decided to study for and gained her degree in Parapsychology, which she did in her native Canada. These studies allowed her have a more open-minded scepticism about the paranormal. It also taught her how to decide what could be considered paranormal and what could be natural occurrences.

She became a member of the team after corresponding with Arron. After finding out about some of the work he was doing, she offered her services and has been vital member of the team since. She is often the calmest head in some of the more chaotic times the team has endured.

Fanos Bastion-Campbell - Journalist

Having started out as a freelance writer for a number of sporting magazines, Fanos' career took a turn towards the paranormal after Arron took him out on an investigation. After claiming to have seen and heard too many strange things to even try to explain them, he became interested in the sort of the investigations that Arron and the team took part in.

Fanos declares himself an open-minded sceptic who hopes one day to be shown that an afterlife exists.

Arron's Ghost Stories

Arron's Ghost Articles

The Childish Ghost
The ghost team was contacted by a couple who claimed to be suffering at the hands of a poltergeist in their own home. The home, based in the midlands, England, had supposedly been showing signs of a haunting as soon as they had moved in.

Ghost Sightings at the Old Sheep's Inn
Glasses being thrown off tables, people seeing shadows, tables and chairs being moved in the night, but the thing that interested the team the most, ghostly screams being heard from down in the cellar. The workers at the inn refuse to go down there alone AND often don't go down there at all in the evenings.

The Haunted Shed
Whilst I was recording Annabel with the handheld I picked up a small light anomaly that seemed to float around her head and then disappear. I called out to Albert to try and do that again and amazingly he did! I was pleased by this as it had all been recorded on camera.

Horror at Temple House
We had heard about Temple House through a local ghost hunting team that I have regular correspondence with. They told us of an investigation that they had carried out a few weeks previous that had yielded some interesting results.

Read More of Arron's Ghost Investigations...

Ghost Film Crew

Ghost Film Crew

Daren Marc - Director/Producer

Daren studied Film at the University of North London, where he gained his degree, and has previously gained a diploma in Art. Since this, Daren has made two previous short films and runs his own production company Walrus Films. When the opportunity of a documentary came up, there was only one person that Arron had in mind for the project.

Daren agreed to film and help produce the documentary, as it's something he had been interested in for a long time. Although, he had to be talked into doing it, as it wouldn't have been his first choice of film.

Daren's opinion of the afterlife is sceptical at best, although in his own words "If this documentary proves there is life after death, well, I don't want to even think about what it could mean..."

Ghost InvestigationRead more about the documentary on the Ghosts of Crowley Hall at the Walrus Films website. Also check out Daren's MySpace Page.

Janella Vasquez - Production manager

By her own admission, Janella is a true believer in ghosts. She has had many experiences in her life, and when Daren asked her to be production manager in the Crowley Hall Documentary, she was hesitant to accept. She has never had any experience of ghost hunting before.

"I looked at the history of the location, and the thought of spending a whole night there terrified me. But I Daren managed to sell it to me, and in the end I agreed. Hopefully I wasn't wrong in doing so."

Adrian Bowley - Director of Photography

Jules Ross - Camera Assistant

Jason Levy - Sound Recordist

Jason's first encounter with the paranormal happened when he was a young child. He was laying in bed one night shortly after the death of his grandmother, when he awoke to the sound of breathing in his room. He pulled the cover over his head and at once felt a pressure at the foot of his bed. Thinking it may be his father he peeked over the covers to see the image of his grandmother sitting at the bottom of his bed smiling at him. She stayed still for a few seconds whispered something that Jason could not hear and disappeared.

Ever since that moment, Jason, an IT Manager for a Local Government Council, has been interested in the paranormal. He sought out like-minded people whom he could learn from and whilst searching he came across a ghost hunting team who were looking for a technician who could help them out on investigations. He has since been an important, and many times an invaluable member of Arron's team.

Sheena McKellar - Makeup Artist

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Many people report physical changes in haunted places, especially a feeling of a presence accompanied by temperature drop and hearing unaccountable sounds. To my knowledge, a ghost has never been caught on film as they appear in their pictures, while orbs have been seen moving everywhere and sometimes even appearing to open doors. There is sure to be a connection between ghosts and orbs as some manifestation of someone who once lived and still seems to be earthbound. Such an explanation of ghost classifies it in the same category as that of preternatural unexplained phenomena as telekinesis or poltergeists, ESP and telepathy. This occurs as a result of the disability to sharply distinguish shapes in case of peripheral vision. Parapsychologists have undertaken the task to study about ghosts. The existence of ghost is met with the shape they exist which is usually in human shape very rarely animal ghost are encountered. It is said that it does not consists of any solid matter. In the paranormal community a belief in ghosts is pretty common place. Garuda Purana explains the things done by the ghosts and the food they eat. Scientists who have investigated haunted places account for both the temperature changes and the sounds by finding physical sources of the drafts, such as empty spaces behind walls or currents set in motion by low frequency sound waves (infrasound) produced by such mundane objects as extraction fans.