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Ghost Articles

Why Ghosts Make Noise - It’s Not For the Reasons You Might Think
Ghosts do some pretty bizarre things to get our attention. As someone who has interacted with ghosts since I was a child, I've seen and heard some pretty amazing things.

Are Real Ghosts Haunting the Net?
There seems to be an overwhelming amount of "real ghost" footage floating around the internet these days. This is exciting for some ghost lovers and disappointing for others.

Pirate Ghosts - Hauntings at Sea
Pirate Ghosts is a must read for lovers of the horror genre but not for the pirate aficionado or fan and presides over the stories, and gives us a nice scare.

Ghosts and the Supernatural
The unseen and unfelt powers of ghosts and supernatural objects have been talked about for ages. The perplexity of their existence has been doubted for ages, and the people seemed to believe the folklore that has been told by their ancestors.

What’s In Your Closet? Ghosts Or Angels?
Throughout our lives we collect memories, some happy and others sad. These experiences affect how we develop and think about ourselves. As hard as it might be to believe, how we respond to those memories affects what happens to us.

A Ghost Can Be Defined in Several Ways
One of the definitions refers ghost to a person's spirit or soul who has died. This definition is used commonly among all! There have been several doubts regarding the existence of the ghost and disputes too whether ghosts are just imaginations or part of objective existence.

Do you believe in Ghosts?
It is believed also that ghosts 'haunt' sites that they enjoyed in life, or the place of their death. So if we know where a particular ghost is likely to show up, why is there not photographic evidence? Of course there are lots of photographs in circulation of what appear to be ghosts.

Ghosts And Vampires Are Now Scientifically Impossible
Ghosts who want entrance to your home are now reduced to showing up at your door, like ordinary trick or treaters? How frightening is that, especially since you can always duck behind the couch and pretend no one is there?

Hungry Ghosts
The hungry ghosts are particularly activated when we make a conscious commitment to transform or heal an aspect of our souls, especially if our intentions are heightened through ritual. Bringing out the heavy artillery, they are ready to battle our determination to liberate ourselves.

Decades Of Horror Movies
Horror movie reviews are famous due to their appraisal of horror movies, which help the audience to decide if they are too horrific for them to watch, or if they are within their limits. Horror films are films of the horror genre that are designed to elicit fright, fear, terror, disgust or horror from viewers.

Nightmare House Guests: Visitors from Beyond the Grave
If you think you have a ghost, there are things that you can do. First you need to decide if the ghost is really presenting a problem to you and your family.

Top 3 Horror Foreign Films
To have a better idea of what this particular genre involves we can define horror films such as: "films that are designed to elicit fright, fear, terror, or horror from viewers. In horror film plots, evil forces, events, or characters, sometimes of supernatural origin, intrude into the everyday world."

Local Builder Claims Hauntings at Crowley Hall
A local property developer has had to halt works on the development at Crowley Hall after claims of paranormal occurrences. Steven Newton of Manchester, UK had recently purchased Crowley Hall intending to turn it into flats and had begun work in early 2006.

Independent British Film Company producing next Blair Witch?
A small independent British Film company based in England UK, are producing a documentary on the hauntings at Crowley Hall. Walrus Films are a small company that have so far produced short films and music promos. This is their first foray into the world of Independent Feature Film Production.

Ghosts, Spirits & Lost Souls
Many people have told us that they sometimes wake up at night and see, what appears to be, spirits in their bedroom. There are several possible explanations for this experience.

Desiring What Are The Ghosts Within
Most of us think of a ghost as something that only exists after we die. We imagine it to be a piece of us that continues to hang around and haunt the places we lived while alive. What if there are ghosts of yourself that are around while you are alive? What if what you think you are is actually a ghost?

Do You Believe In Ghosts? Here Is A Ghostly Tale
I have often wondered whether ghosts really exist, what do you think, do you believe they do? The problem I suppose would be that you would get people just making up stories for a laugh, yes very funny I know.

Real Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, and Quantum Physics
One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife communication is that I know a lot about ghosts... what they are and what they're not. For instance, they're not 'caught between worlds. And they don't need us to help them move on. They're exactly where they're supposed to be.

Can Ghosts Hurt You or Actually Touch You?
Ghosts are usually conceived as vestiges of the dead who have not been able to pass entirely into the heavenly (or infernal) realms. Ghost-hunting researchers encounter entities that seem to have some kind of post-life trauma.

Ghost Hunting Should Be Professional
Ghost Hunting can be very fun and yet at times it can be one of the most terrifying things you will probably ever do in your life. The following are just a few of the things folks have encountered during ghost hunting or paranormal investigations.

Angels, Spirits or Ghosts
When it comes to the supernatural, few have not had a brush with eternity. Whether you attend church regularly or are the most determined doubter, the miraculous seeks out all at one point or another.

Hunt The Haunted Tonight!
The ghost tour takes guests to the city's most haunted places right in the heart of downtown, where the Tequesta Indians lived when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived and where the city as we know it today began.

Ghosts of The Great White Horse Hotel
We were looking for the Lady in Grey and the victim of a murder, maybe the murderer was still about too as there was something not very nice on the back stairs.

Magical, Mystical Halloween
If you are wondering about the origins of Halloween, you can find that there are many different stories and origins of how the holiday started. Some say that it is a day of Satan, or the worship of evil spirits and the practice of witchcraft which they believe is Druid religion.

Think You Can Make It Through the Night at One of These Haunted London Hotels?
If you are traveling to London, you have may see the usual sites: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud's. London, like many of Europe's cities, can offer the curious traveler more than old buildings and museum tours.

Horror Movie : What’s The Good Ones Look Like?
Some people loves to see horror movies and many amongst them loves horror movies in different style and the people who do not like horror may be because of you will be very terrified after watching it

Paranormal Ghost
A ghost can be defined in several ways depending on different situations. One of the definitions refers ghost to a person's spirit or soul who has died. This definition is used commonly among all!

Scary Ghost Videos – Real Or Fake
Today scary ghost videos have become a dime a dozen, with the advances in technology that make it easy for the average person to be able to buy software to edit a video to turn a seemingly mundane scene into a scary ghost video.

Why Does it Bother You When I Talk to Spririts?
Why does it bother you when I communicate with spirits? The whole basis for religion is founded on the precept that spirit survives physical reality. Isn't that what the resurrection is all about?

Arron's Ghost Stories

Arron's Ghost Articles

The Childish Ghost
The ghost team was contacted by a couple who claimed to be suffering at the hands of a poltergeist in their own home. The home, based in the midlands, England, had supposedly been showing signs of a haunting as soon as they had moved in.

Ghost Sightings at the Old Sheep's Inn
Glasses being thrown off tables, people seeing shadows, tables and chairs being moved in the night, but the thing that interested the team the most, ghostly screams being heard from down in the cellar. The workers at the inn refuse to go down there alone AND often don't go down there at all in the evenings.

The Haunted Shed
Whilst I was recording Annabel with the handheld I picked up a small light anomaly that seemed to float around her head and then disappear. I called out to Albert to try and do that again and amazingly he did! I was pleased by this as it had all been recorded on camera.

Horror at Temple House
We had heard about Temple House through a local ghost hunting team that I have regular correspondence with. They told us of an investigation that they had carried out a few weeks previous that had yielded some interesting results.

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It is said that this is the time for them to take revenge thus killing people and making hindrances as seen in many of the movies. An astonishing fact is that the best details about the existence of ghost can be obtained from Garuda Purana, which is script from Vedic tradition of the Hindu religion. A ghost is an alleged disembodied spirit of a dead person. It is a proved fact that sound waves with frequency lower than 20 hertz called infrasound is inaudible, but now it is proved by the British scientist Richard Lord and Richard Wiseman that these infrasound would be the reason for causing humans to feel a presence in the room or even to cause unexplained feelings of dread or anxiety! There are many who do not accept the existence of ghosts. Places like the Myrtle's Plantation have had sightings of the typical transparent ghost spotted long before paranormal mania seemed to sweep the public in TV shows and specials. Some think that electromagnetic fields are inducing the haunting experience. Ghosts are controversial phenomena. Ghosts are often depicted as inhabiting haunted houses, especially houses where murders have occurred. Why some murder victims would stick around for eternity to haunt a place while others seem to evaporate is one of the great mysteries of the spirit world.